Many of us want to hold onto our youthful appearance for ever…for as long as we can?…or get it back to where we wish it was?

But I have that answer on how to, and I am going to give it to you.

#1 Our first successful steps in Anti aging is realistic expectations and acceptance. Factors that contribute to our aging is 


Water consumption. 

Environmental damage ESPECIALLY the sun. 

Lack of care for the skin. 

To fight in the anti aging battle is to focus on that you are treating your skin the absolute best way you can with the means you have. We must set realistic expectations about the results we will get with the steps we are taking. 

Anti aging is fought with a consistent routine. Anti aging does not mean age reversal in the moment. 

Reversing extreme damage to the skin is impossible without professional and medical intervention. I am talking about deep formed wrinkles, excessive loss of elasticity showing sagginess in jowls and cheeks, and deep set pigment from years of unprotected sun exposure and genetics. These aging characteristics are very difficult to control and reverse once the damage is visible. The idea of anti aging is to slow the hands of time by MAINTAINING what you have while you have it. In 10 years do you want to look how you look today? Because at that time you can then be proud that you appear younger then you are.. 

Most refuse to using “excessive product” believing it is unnecessary.*NEWSFLASH* Many skin care lines are created to nourish your skin to help retain healthy hydration, stimulated cell renewal, and offer protection from internal/external factors…all aids in the fight against aging. Ingredients that are often put in your products offer delivery, protection and nourishment.  Some of these specifically are;


Water retainers


Exfoliants and emulsifiers

Sun Protection Factors

Pigmentation control or lightening agents… just to name a few.

But please keep in mind that all skin on your face and neck do not benefit from the same products (something I will blog about at a later date). 

Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will always affect your skin. Many essential vitamins and minerals aide in our tissue health through out our body.  Vitamins C and E work as protectors against the destruction of our tissue cells from free radical exposure.  But please understand that taking supplements through digestion will not always immediately show results you hope for.  An expectation of a long term goal is best when taking this route of supplements.  Our bodies though are 70% water. It requires a lot of replenishment on a daily basis. The best about water is that we usually can never drink to much.  Our body will absorb as much as it can and simple eliminate what it can not use at that time. But as our skin ages it does loose the ability to retain water (insert skin care product here). When we do not drink enough water, as well as lack of retention ability in our skin, it become dehydrated and starts to shows age. This is easy to correct…DRINK MORE WATER!

The fight on aging is not picking and choosing what step to implement into your daily routine, it is progressive. Each time you develop a new routine with habit or product, you recognize its benefits and then implement another to aid in the fight. Skin care is easy if it a part of your regular routine. It is the reversal that is hard and often painful, depending on the service, but none the less successful and beneficial. 

The best starting step is always prevention. Adjusting your daily outlook on your skins health and what you are doing for it will help set you up for good skin in the future. Often I have had clients have treatments to reverse aged skin, and have been very successful, but as I explained to each client, if they choose to keep their same habits that got them to that point, the service is rendered pointless and the results were not maintained.   If you are not happy with how your skin has aged, then change is necessary.

Hands of time will always move forward, but the control of how that looks is literally up to you…..xoxo

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